Yes! to great looks for less

You don’t have to break the bank to look like a million bucks!

want designer looks for less? check out a few of theses web sites… &

These sites will have you looking like celebrities such as Halle Berry, Kanye West, Nicloe Richie, and Lady GaGa!

No money?  No problem! shop for less and still look great

So YES!! to looks for less and if you know how to shop on a budget and look amazing share with us




Label Whore?

Are you a label whore?? lets see….

Do you MUST have  a designer handbag or a designer dress?

Will you only wear the biggest name in fashion? For example D&G, Gucci, LVTory Burch, Micheal Kors etc….

If you answered yes to any of these…then in my opinion you’re probably one

You can definitely look good without wearing all these names/labels

Only wearing garments for the name makes you a label whore!! sorry ladies and gents

Please let us know if you are and more importantly why?!!

Its all about the ACCESSORIES!

When making your outfit complete, nothing pulls it together like that perfect accessory!

Whether it’s a handbag, shoes, or any piece of jewerly–its probably a must have

Personally I have to have a statement piece of jewerly, not too big or too small and I hate to over do it

Some people over accessorize! please don’t do this, in my opinion less is more

figure out what compliments your outfit best and rock it!

Mix it up! make your accessories say something about what you’re wearing

Please let us know what is your “go to” accessory


Lets talk Prom Fashion 2013

In search of that perfect prom dress? need ideas? Check out what these celebs are wearing–

they’ve top the best dressed lists of all time!

From Zenday’s pastal-pink to Kylie’s ombre styled dress, both very trendy styles to choose from.

Make sure you make this perfect night complete with that rigtht dress

I also want to know if you’ve pick your dress already?! What trend did you go with?!

Here are a few sites to inspire you…  and

Newest Trend–Celebs in pant suits

Celeberties such as Rachel  Zoe, Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian have all been spotted

in what is now the newest fashion trend…The pant suit!

Some celebs rocked  this look and its a miss with others

The question is…are we feeling this new trend?!

I absoultly love it, its different and makes a statment–forgetting the norm ; )

If you’re with me and love this new trend or hate it and wished people do not start rocking pant suits…

Please weigh in with your opinion and let us know who rocked it!

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